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The Ideal Protein weight loss method offers several protocols tailored to your individual health profile.

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A program low in calories and containing products derived from plant proteins of high nutritional value!

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The ‘’Ideal Protein’’ Protocol

The "Ideal Protein" weight loss protocol is a medically developed ketogenic protocol.

This program is spread over 3 phases containing 3 key components:

-Weight Loss Management (Phases 1) for the reactivation of your body

-Gradual reintegration (phase 2) to reactivate your mind

-The Maintenance (Phase 3): Making healthy lifestyle choices to maintain your weight loss results through life.

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Winning Health Centre Clinics

In Winning Health Centre clinics, each client/patient is supported by certified Ideal Protein consultants. Our professional team stands out for their sensitivity and dedication by providing outstanding service designed to make each individual's experience unique and ideal.

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A Better Quality of Life

Losing weight can be a challenge, but the weight loss process is simple. Forget your past experiences with weight loss! The Ideal Protein protocol is different because it is a simplified version of the successful protein-based diets of the past. Throughout the weight loss and maintenance phases of the process, our consultants provide education, guidance, and support to clients who follow a structured plan designed to improve optimal health and well-being. Given that weight loss is a highly individual experience, our coaches can personalize the program.

No more yo-yo diets. Choosing Ideal Protein is choosing a better quality of life. It works!

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The Benefits of Ideal Protein!

With the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, we will prioritize protein-based intake because the body needs protein to conserve its muscle mass and provide energy.

Ideal Protein products improve your skin and detoxify your vital organs.

As well, in the first few days of the program, the feelings of hunger are controlled due to the presence of ketones in your blood, therefore producing the effect of satiety (as your fat melts, it releases energy-yielding substances in your body).

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I am very satisfied with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol and its professional team at the Centre Gagné en Santé. A big thank you, especially to my coach Nathalie LeBrock, who is always available to answer all my questions. The one-on-one meetings that are tailored to everyone and the quality of the products which was easy and quick to prepare. It helps me to achieve my goals without the feeling of always being hungry. For my part, my weight loss was pretty fast, which allowed me to keep my motivation to its fullest while realizing the benefits of my physical and mental health.


A special thank you to Nathalie LeBrock and the entire professional team of the Centre Gagné en Santé. This protocol has changed my life and especially my wardrobe for the better! Without the support and persistence of my coach, I would never have been able to achieve my goals. Again, a huge thank you, Nath.