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The Winning Health Centre

Winning Health Centre has been in business for 10 years already!

We have qualified consultants in different locations to serve you better. Our professional coaches are committed to creating a unique program tailored to your needs and providing support throughout your journey.

Our Mission

At Winning Health Centre, we help people achieve optimal nutritional health daily. Our goal is to guide people on their weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey.

Our services include:

  • Continuous, personalized support;
  • Structured weight loss plan;
  • Educational approach during the transition phase to maintenance and a healthy lifestyle; and
  • Tools and resources.

Tools and Ressources

  • Weekly consultation with a certified Ideal Protein consultant throughout your journey to obtain predictable and measurable results until your goals are achieved.
  • Access to weekly information sessions and special presentations.
  • Unlimited access to online resources such as videos, recipes and more.
  • One-on-one support in the maintenance phase to facilitate the transition to healthy lifestyle habits and independent weight management.

At the Winning Health Centre, the key to success is stabilizing and maintaining your weight.

Why Choose Ideal Protein Products?

Ideal Protein products are of exceptional quality! The composition of the products are carefully constructed to ensure perfect nutritional and dietary balance.

Some Ideal Protein products are ready-to-eat and others are easy to prepare. They come in a wide range of flavors and textures. In fact, there are over 80 different products. Each one is individually wrapped to stay fresh.

The success of the Ideal Protein protocol lies heavily on the quality of its products.

To ensure the best possible outcomes, the Ideal Protein products contain only proteins of the highest nutritional value.

*In 2015, the Ideal Protein protocol was recognized as: ‘The #1 Weight Loss Method’. All you have to do is try it to adopt it.*

Our clinics

Centre Gagné en Santé Gatineau

203-224 Bellehumeur St Gatineau QC J8T 8N6 Tél.: 514-662-6434

Centre Gagné en Santé Orléans

3349 Navan Rd

Navan ON K4B 1H9

Tél.: 613-406-9212

Winning Health Centre
Ottawa - Pharmacy

04-1020 St-Laurent Blvd

Ottawa ON K1K 3B3

Tél.: 613-406-9212

Winning Health Centre Ottawa - Medical

968 St-Laurent Blvd

Ottawa ON K1K 4S2

Tél.: 613-406-9212

For more information concerning the Ideal Protein protocol and/or to receive a free consultation, please communicate with one of our clinics.

We look forward to meeting you!